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Yahoo AnswersDo you laugh at conservatives who claim there is "no evidence" of Trump's crimes? Or do you take the time to reason with them? 22 (+20) Lone Star Patriot
Tänään, 16:43
Yahoo AnswersWhy do White people look like Neanderthals? 10 (+9)
Tänään, 16:43
Yahoo AnswersWhy are so many Fox News viewers switching to CNN? 11 (+8) acid victim 25
Tänään, 16:26
Yahoo AnswersWhat to wear for a funeral? 9 (+8)
Tänään, 17:04
I’m a young woman, 21. I’ve never been to a funeral before and nervous
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Yahoo AnswersAs a girl, I think Trump is the best candidate. Are you voting for him? Voltaire
26.02.2016, 02:00
Here's me this morning with my Trump hat
Yahoo AnswersIs there something wrong with the way I look? Most girls don't like me:(? shona
03.05.2015, 02:00
I'm not liked by many girls and some of the girls don't even know me that well or have barely said two words to me? I'm not the most popular...
Yahoo AnswersIN HIGH SCHOOL- did you ever date, hug, kiss, or sex with anyone? jennifer
12.01.2015, 02:00
Yahoo AnswersWhich one of these names do you like best for a boy? K.
19.02.2017, 02:00
Beau Brendan Brock Bryce
Yahoo AnswersI want and abortion but my partner doesn't.?
09.05.2015, 02:00
I'm kind of in a sticky situation here. I'm 20 and 9ish weeks pregnant. Ever since day one I've not really been happy about it. My partner h...
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