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Polk AudioAre you READY for some FOOTBALL!!! http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/163008/are-you-ready-for-some-football 2736 (+2) nooshinjohn
Tänään, 14:31
I know I am. and as a Vikings fan, I always have very high expectations(and always get let down.) I am under no illusions this season how...
Polk AudioPost a picture... any picture http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/40719/post-a-picture-any-picture 14680 (+1) MrNightly
Tänään, 14:19
"Feeding me rice again, I'll get ya ya little brat."
Polk AudioReference tracks http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/183470/reference-tracks 69 (+1) joecoulson
Tänään, 14:14
I know Skip has that other thread going, and I didn’t want to hijack but I did want to ask what others use for ref tracks. Mines a moving t...
Polk AudioTiger Woods http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/183552/tiger-woods 4 (+1) recoveryone
Tänään, 13:27
Tiger finish the season on a high, but the PGA got the bigger boost just from him being close on Sunday. Biggest viewer ship on Saturday and...
Polk AudioTurntables, records, mats and static http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/183473/turntables-records-mats-and-static 26 (+1) F1nut
Tänään, 13:17
Now that I've jumped back into the dark side I've rediscovered that nasty little thing called static. I bought the anti-static record brush,...
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Polk AudioNice Exposure 2010S2 integrated amp Complete w or without MM phono forum.polkaudio.com/.../nice-exposure-2010s2-integrated-amp-complete-w-or-withou... geppy1
21.09.2018, 21:31
I am selling l my Exposure 2010 S2 integrated amp. I have owned these a couple of times and they are wonderful music makers Many great revie...
Polk AudioHerbie's cone/spike decouplig gliders forum.polkaudio.com/.../herbies-cone-spike-decouplig-gliders marvda1
21.09.2018, 08:19
i have two brand new never taken out of the package Herbies cone/spike decoupling gliders. these are the small ones that are perfect for sp...
Polk AudioTubeMagic D1 http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/183517/tubemagic-d1 Faustin
20.09.2018, 20:57
Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 dac for sale. I am the second owner. Have owned it for about a year but I have used it only 6 or 7 times, so it ...
Polk AudioMarantz ud5007 http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/183499/marantz-ud5007 daboyz
19.09.2018, 00:25
Excellent player with the great Marantz sound. The lid has definitely seen better days. Can't beat this universal for the price. I have orig...
Polk AudioMarantz ud5007 http://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/183499/marantz-ud5007 daboyz
19.09.2018, 00:25
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