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Netflix Recommendations Thread 4660 (+5) TheSaint
Tänään, 19:53
So anyone found any gems recently? Probably best if we try and mention if it is US/Canada/UK or any of the others to save people a trip t...
10 Games in 12 Months (2018) 2303 (+5) Phattso
43 min
For years and years and years, like many of you, I’ve been accruing a ridiculous backlog of games. Too many platforms, too many so-called m...
Xbox "Scorpio" 5202 (+3) Psiloc
47 min
Couldn't see a dedicated thread, and the PS4 Neo has one so:
What tech do you have at work? 58 (+3) thelzdking
31 min
What tech do you use at work? Ours is utterly rubbish. I currently use a Dell Latitude ES500 (
Surviving Mars 38 (+2) StarchildHypocrethes
Tänään, 18:38
I just bought this and will tell you all if it is good or bad in the near future. Other opinions are grudgingly welcome.
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Nintendo "NX" MrTomFTW
17.03.2015, 10:54
New hardware incoming, with a "new concept". Codenamed NX.
Worst music/music that annoys you Syrette
12.01.2009, 15:13
Try and get through 30 seconds or so of either of these. I managed to last almost an entire song the other day as I'm a masochist who was so...
Destiny 2 Ror
27.03.2017, 20:06
It's official Am I the only one that thinks 'Destiny 2' sounds silly?
Inclusiveness in games (race, sex, orientation, etc.) DrStrangelove
19.02.2018, 17:23
I think this is a topic really worth exploring. How inclusive are games, and how does it make affected people feel? As a straight white m...
The moment you realised the Simpsons is now terrible Deleted user
12.10.2010, 16:43
For me it was when they made a video for that god awful Ke$ha song. I already knew the show had gone massively downhill, but seeing that ...
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