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Okami HD remake 207 (+2) HiddenAway
Tänään, 19:05
With Move support and trophies - £15.99 Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that aw...
PS4 games to play with my son (a 4 year old) 36 (+2) The_Goon
Tänään, 19:38
My son has become increasingly aware that daddy has a Playstation. He's played a few educational games on our iPads to now but has shown som...
Elite: Dangerous 5186 (+2) haowan
Tänään, 20:21
... wouldn't that be great? Man that would be awesome. No, really: LINK Frontier founder confirms that seq...
Gran Turismo Sport 1406 (+1) adstomko
Tänään, 20:29
PS4 Very good news for raci...


Nintendo "NX" MrTomFTW
17.03.2015, 10:54
New hardware incoming, with a "new concept". Codenamed NX.
Post Poll... Britain decided to... sport
23.06.2016, 10:44
reserved Update 1 (09:38am): "Pollster superbob has stated that there really are only 2 outcomes in this vote." Edited by sport at 09:...
UK General Election 2017: Scumbags vs. Clowns thelzdking
18.04.2017, 14:20
May will win a much larger majority, and then claim that it shows how the country is 'coming together' after Brexit (despite our FPTP electo...
The *OFFICIAL* Guess the game from the screenshot fragment thread Youthist
05.06.2015, 17:29
Someone start us off. I don't know how to do 'em.
Donald Trump Syrette
08.12.2015, 00:28
What an awful man.
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