Post Poll... Britain decided to... sport
23.06.2016, 10:44
reserved Update 1 (09:38am): "Pollster superbob has stated that there really are only 2 outcomes in this vote." Edited by sport at 09:...
The Official 2018 World Cup Thread :( spazmo
16.08.2005, 14:28
I think England should get it seeing as we will have won the World Cup 3 times in a row by 2018!
Donald Trump Syrette
08.12.2015, 00:28
What an awful man.
Sniper Elite III DUFFMAN5
18.06.2014, 02:00
What skill level are you chaps playing on ? I'm on Sniper Elite mode, finding the A1 a bit too good at spoting me before I have "cased" th...
Nintendo "NX" MrTomFTW
17.03.2015, 10:54
New hardware incoming, with a "new concept". Codenamed NX.
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