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Can I try before I buy from CeX? 36 (+7) Alex4nder001
Eilen, 23:36
Yo, so I live in London and I wanna buy a PS3 slim from CeX. My main goal is to hack it and instal Rebug CFW. Before I head there I just wan...
Looking for a new website to order games from 27 (+5) itsamemarcus
58 min
Hi everyone, I have been a big advocate of ShopTo for as long as I can remember (mostly because of their tendency to deliver pre-orders e...
Donald Trump 21864 (+4) Syrette
54 min
What an awful man.
Opus Magnum 2 (+2) neilka
Eilen, 23:47
Surprise! There's a new Zachtronics game out this Thursday! In Early Access at least. It's more of the machine-building business but with an...
South Park: The Fractured But Whole 43 (+2) DUFFMAN5
Eilen, 22:58
How do we not have a thread for this ? anyway new release date that will definitely be the last release date...mostly 17th Oct E...
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Nintendo "NX" MrTomFTW
17.03.2015, 10:54
New hardware incoming, with a "new concept". Codenamed NX.
Sexism and Women in Video Games: Anita Sarkeesian goes to bat for girls JinTypeNoir
08.03.2013, 03:29
Familiar with Anita Sarkeesian? I would have thought she would have been heavily discussed on this forum, considering she was quite a contro...
Halo 5: Organise Online Games evilashchris
30.09.2015, 10:00
With less than a month to go and jizz all over my tummy-tum, I can no longer resist doing a thread. Party chat has just been upped to 12 ...
Spider season already :( Lexx87
29.03.2008, 03:57
Fuck fuck fuck, spiders are coming out at home. It's too fucking cold for spider season i'm sure! Can't stand the fuckers...hate them hate t...
Han Solo Spin-Off Movie to Be Directed By ‘The Lego Movie’ Directors beastmaster
08.07.2015, 11:05
Details here. Who are they going to cast though? Star Lord?
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