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AVS ForumTCL 6-Series 4K HDR Roku TVs Expected by May 1st www.avsforum.com/.../2965094-tcl-6-series-4k-hdr-roku-tvs-expected-may-1st.html 479 (+24) imagic
Tänään, 09:04
TCL has announced that its performance-oriented TCL 6-Series 4K HDR Roku TVs with Dolby Vision will be available by May 1st 2018. Click h...
AVS ForumSuggestions for a small, compact rear speakers www.avsforum.com/.../2973760-suggestions-small-compact-rear-speakers.html 3 (+3) ur2cdanger
Tänään, 09:27
With all the help from the avs forum, I setup my first HT. I am absolutely loving it. My current system is R-250C Center speaker, R160M pair...
AVS ForumApple TV owners' thread. www.avsforum.com/.../1278071-apple-tv-owners-thread.html 14739 (+3) bodosom
Tänään, 09:01
I'm not sure there's enough interest about ATV/ATV owners but I'm starting a thread anyway. Since I have a old diskful ATV and a new diskles...
AVS ForumThe Official Xbox One X thread www.avsforum.com/.../2867785-official-xbox-one-x-thread.html 5312 (+2) onlysublime
Tänään, 09:09
here we go! Official Product Page link: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one-x Xbox One X will cost $499 when it ...
AVS ForumZappiti 4K HDR (Mini, One, Duo) Thread www.avsforum.com/.../2686633-zappiti-4k-hdr-mini-one-duo-thread.html 1523 (+2) Sledgehamma
Tänään, 09:05
Zappiti launched new Players using the latest Realtek (RTD1295) SoC. HDMI 2.0BT.2020HDR (they don't specify it, but I guess only HDR-10Andr...
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AVS ForumFs: Rbh sv61 bookshelves and sv661 center in rosewood finish www.avsforum.com/.../2973730-fs-rbh-sv61-bookshelves-sv661-center-rosewood-finis... golden78
Tänään, 04:04
I am getting rid of alot of my audio equipment and unfortunately next.. i am now selling my almost new ..mint rbh sv61 book shelf speakers a...
AVS ForumFS: Integra 40.3 THX Select2 $250 shipped www.avsforum.com/.../2973716-fs-integra-40-3-thx-select2-250-shipped.html hearing specialist
Tänään, 02:09
will pack in the Onkyo box my new RZ820 came in. Comes with Audyssey mic (MultEQ XT), remote, manual. Excellent condition, and paypal is coo...
AVS ForumWanted To Buy - Maratnz AV8802A Mint Condition www.avsforum.com/.../2973696-wanted-buy-wtb-maratnz-av8802a-mint-condition.html hoover
Eilen, 23:34
Wanted to Buy- Marantz AV8802A in mint condition with original box, packing materials and all original accessories. Must be very reasona...
AVS ForumSek 3500u http://www.avsforum.com/forum/210-video-source-items/2973662-sek-3500u.html electronics craz
Eilen, 21:31
Looking to upgrade to newer tv so will not need anymore works great and latest firmware 1530 installed.299.00 shipped
AVS ForumWTB: Rotel RB-1590 http://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/2973659-wtb-rotel-rb-1590-a.html HiFiandHT
Eilen, 21:01
I am seeking the Rotel RB-1590. Thank you
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